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Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together

Transformational Adventures 

& Inspirational Events, 

Well-being, Permaculture, Nature, 

​Performances, Art Workshops, 

Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreats

To Volunteer/Donate Get in Touch  29th April next day of community gardening at the GreenHouse.

Co-operation and Collaboration

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What We Do

The practice of the arts, meditation, and immersion in the natural world, unlocks creativity, creates feelings of relaxation and enhances understanding of the self and others.

Effective teamwork, training, and harmonious working structures enable individuals to work together collectively to deliver the core aims of organisations. The unique services offered by Earth Moves helps to make this possible.

No artistic skills experience of meditation or dance is needed in order for these activities to be effective and enjoyable.

The highly qualified and experienced team at Earth Moves use a cornucopia of techniques to create expression, meditation, relaxation and personal transformation. We can generate a diverse range of artistic activities from uplifting and fun events to transformative and psychological workshops, designed to enhance and improve the frameworks of the team.

Earth Moves is interested in cultural and spiritual sustainability.

Earth Moves uses the arts, spiritual technologies and nature immersion, to propagate cultural sustainability and respect and connection with the natural world. Earth Moves advocates secular spirituality, where feelings of oneness, connection, empathy and inner peace are used as indicators of ‘Spirituality’.




Green House secular Temple and venue