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Bespoke Packages for Well-being 

Transformation and Team Building

Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together 

Transformational & Inspirational Events, Wellbeing, permaculture, nature, ​performances, Workshops, Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreat


Dance, Art, Creativity and Nature.  Team -building and Community Workshops

Earth Moves team can come to work with groups at their place of employment delivering, dance, art, spiritual approaches, meditation, insight into permaculture and a wide range of ethical business, green interventions, and community development.

Holistic and well-being projects. We offer opportunities to attain collective health, happiness and creative expression. that involve nature, dance, drumming, music and the visual arts as well as self-discovery and recovery from trauma and addiction.

Performances in Earth-based dance and music.

We offer opportunities to attain collective health, happiness and creative expression.

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Earth Moves Offers the Following;

• Workshops and Retreats –EMC will run and organize retreats here and abroad based on art and wellbeing and transformational development

• Projects such as ‘Move and grow’ - Dance for health.’ Leading Moves’- using the body to display confidence and authority. ‘Grow for health’ - Growing plants as therapy

• Transformation workshops-Dance, art, psychological process and nature immersion. Meditation, relaxation, stress management

• Art as transformation- create your own art, art as spiritual practice, art to reflect on the unconscious and as a revelatory tool

• Performance workshops- Performance for transformation

• Performance events - Uplifting performance Inspired by plants and nature

• Drumming - for stress relief, healing and creation of community

• Projects with food networks- including recycling food waste through community composting

• Team-building - Services to Corporate, Community and Business Customers

• Network and Cooperative Hub 

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