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Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together...

Well-being Performances, Art Workshops, Community Gardening, 

Co-operation and Collaboration, Retreats, Transformational Events 

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The Green Space School Project

The Green Space Program enables Specific Learning Difficulty' (SpLD) children the opportunity to experience Nature, within a controlled, fun environment. We believe that arts, well-being activities, nature immersion and horticulture are life enhancing for children.

 Earth Moves offers a selection of exciting activities where children can explore and learn from Nature, helping them to gain a sense of responsibility and achievement. 

Please visit our workshops in schools page to learn about cultural  arts  events we can bring to your school

Working with Nature

· Digging and developing own small garden plot.

· Planting animal/ bee friendly flowers.

· Make a pond

· Grow own food.

· Den/shelter building

· Mini beast hunting

· Wild life walks

· Easter hunts

· Basic bush skills activities

· Cooking on fires

· Knots and tool use

· Hedgehog dens

Arts and Crafts

· Making seed  heads

· Using plants for print making.

· Halloween and Christmas crafts

· Making bird feeders

· Making insect habitats.

· Building bird boxes

· Producing a bird bath.

· Painting with berries.

· Keeping a visual diary. 

· Making flower garlands for hair

· Making pagan masks based on Mythology


Dance, Yoga and Drumming

· Dance at the greenhouse for children, Middle Eastern contemporary, Indian, expressive movement inspired by nature, Egyptian dance, Greece and Middle Eastern/Celtic dance/drama

· Yoga and Meditation sessions

· Drumming and percussion from around the world for children.

Have fun while learning. Come along to our Industrial Size Green

 House and Workshop Space. Be inside while you are outside!

“What do parents owe their young that is more important than a warm and trusting connection to the Earth…?” – Theodore Roszak, The Voice of the Earth