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Safeguarding Policy

Earth Moves have a worker who has completed a safeguarding certificate and is responsible for safeguarding individuals.

Earth Moves ensures safe guarding policies and procedures are in place.

Earth Moves take appropriate steps are followed to ensure safeguarding legislation is adhered to.

We ensure;

• That the welfare of vulnerable adults is given the highest priority by the

organisation, its management and volunteers

• To promote good practice and ensure that volunteers are able to work with

vulnerable adults with confidence

• Ensure that this Practice Guidance and Procedures is enacted and monitored

including the briefing, training and gathering feedback from volunteers

• Monitor contact with vulnerable adults to ensure that the frequency and

the intensity of contact is consistent with the DBS threshold levels.

• Act as the main contact for disclosing information around adult safeguarding


• Ensure that the concerns of vulnerable adults are heard and acted upon

• Be responsible for reporting incidents or concerns to appropriate authorities

• Attend appropriate training relevant to the level of engagement with

vulnerable adults to ensure all staff/volunteers remain up to date with current

practice and legislation

• Ensure volunteers have access to further appropriate information