Peter Rix Biography

From a film and video background Peter has evolved community and education arts projects in London, North Wales, Preston and on Merseyside. His strong belief in the value of releasing people’s creativity to explore personal and collective insight and transformation, has led him in diverse directions in the design and delivery of cultural experiences.

With a background of teaching and demonstrating in schools and colleges and through his work with galleries, community venues, museums and the heritage sector, Peter has developed a broad set of resources to draw upon. This has seen him take on and facilitate projects in disability arts, multi-cultural and intergenerational initiatives, and art-form fusions, embracing live theatre, dance performance, land art, and projects relating to the social and economic arena.

Peter has experience of working in urban regeneration, community resilience, and local food contexts, seeking social-ecological solutions to current predicaments. He has a keen interest in cooperative means of social and economic development.

Peter has a deep love for nature and landscape and has evolved a pagan socialist world view that inclusively seeks harmonisation between peoples and planet in mutual respect.

Peter has a BA in Film and Video and an MA in Multi Media Arts.

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