Paula  Ishtar  Biography

Paula is one of the directors of Earth Moves. Her roles include; creative direction, volunteer coordination and workshop facilitation. She is also instrumental in growing plants in the community growing spaces.


Paula has an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (from Middlesex University) and a B.A in Psychology and Women’s Studies(from Liverpool John Moores University). She also has professional qualifications in teaching adults and in Holistic Therapies. She has a stress management and counseling qualification and has completed courses in diversity, inclusion and safeguarding.

Paula Ishtar runs dance and personal growth workshops.

Dance Background

Paula has attended many dance classes and workshops with international teachers over the years, in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, Ball Room, Flamenco and Indian classical dance. 

Her main training, focus, performance and teaching work has been in Oriental (Middle Eastern) dance. 

She has been a Yoga and meditation practitioner for 25 years. 

Previous Jobs

Paula taught Psychology for Liverpool City Council for twelve years.

Since 1998 to the present, Paula has been running a busy dance business. She has presented dance in therapeutic, entertainment, educational and team building contexts. She has also led women's empowerment workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe. She has spoken at many events in the UK and abroad, on the subjects of Feminine Spirituality, Embodiment and Middle Eastern Dance, performing all over the UK and in Europe, and America.  Paula has run many successful national and international pilgrimages, to a variety of Neolithic and other sacred sites.

Paula has delivered sessions and courses to many organizations, including Women's Aid, corporate, charitable and community organizations. Paula has had many clients, including Homotopia; Gay Pride, various schools, and colleges; St Helens Women’s’ Aid; Liverpool  Arabic Arts Festival; Cosmopolitan Magazine; ITV; BBC 3; Glastonbury Goddess Conference; The Green Gathering; The Greenbank Project; The RSPCA; Age UK, Wirral Multi-Cultural Organisation, Wirral Change, Granby Children's centre and many more. 


Paula has been published in a variety of international journals, writing about dance and spirituality. Her courses on The Psychology of Self, Sociology, Shamanism and The Divine Feminine, have been published by international correspondence school; ‘The British School of Yoga’.

Show Creator

Paula is the creator of 'Club Orientation' a vaudeville, cabaret. The show features themes of Divine Feminine, Queer values, and diverse community performances. This has been in operation successfully for fifteen years, running out of various venues and consists of around twenty performers and technicians.

Horticulture /Permaculture

One of Paula Ishtar's most enduring hobbies is horticulture and she has created several gardens. She enjoys growing plants for food that also have an aesthetic value. Paula is learning about permaculture and is an advocate of this holistic and ethical approach to gardening and growing food.

Family and cultural background

Paula Ishtar's paternal grandparents were professional, international dancers and had their own dance school in Liverpool. Ishtar's father also taught dance on cruise ships and practiced fine art.