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Bespoke Packages for Well-being 

Transformation and Team Building

Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together 

Transformational & Inspirational Events, Wellbeing, permaculture, nature, ​performances, Workshops, Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreat


Earth Moves Bespoke Events, Training, Talks, Demonstrations, Retreats, Trips and Team-Building. 

Below are details of some of our bespoke well-being, therapeutic and arts packages. We can offer a unique collection of workshop leaders,  educators and artists or performers in accordance to the needs and budgets of companies and organisations.  

We can offer anything from a two-hour session, to work over a series of days or weeks. 

Your requirements can be met and identified in a visit to discuss and analyze your specific needs, or through online or phone consultation. Please read to discover what we can offer below, and contact us if you require a meeting.

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Please click the following for more details about what we offer;

Courses in arts, dance, and meditation and transformative classes workshops and sessions

Community and schools workshops and sessions

Meditation sessions

Pilgrimages, Walks, and Retreats