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Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together

Transformational Adventures 

& Inspirational Events, 

Well-being, Permaculture, Nature, 

​Performances, Art Workshops, 

Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreats

To Volunteer/Donate Get in Touch  29th April next day of community gardening at the GreenHouse.

Co-operation and Collaboration

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Earth Moves Mission

At Earth Moves, we tackle different issues and hope to provide holistic solutions. We create interventions that tackle social isolation, unhealthy lifestyles and ecological sustainability. 

We facilitate community engagement, linking the arts and horticulture. Using creative activities such as dance and art to enable people to focus on wellbeing, personal transformation, and immersion in nature. We do this through a variety of workshops and events,

We are advocates of Permaculture and psychological techniques that help improve and make positive changes in the local community and individuals.


We are a grassroots community cooperative, adhering to cooperative ethics and principles. We advocate holistic, self-empowered, and creative ways of learning, focusing on the importance of community.

We look to generate collective endeavors for social change and create cultural bridges for and between various strands of the community.

Our work creates cultural bridges from various strands of the community.

Read our equality and diversity policy.

Earth Moves facilitate community engagement and have environmental aims. 

We facilitate community engagement by linking creative application to environmental concerns and the promotion of nurturing, tolerance, compassion and connectedness. 

Earth Moves offer educational, transformational and uplifting events that involve nature immersion, art, and movement and psychological intervention. We deliver workshops, classes, performances, and horticultural experiences. 

We are establishing our community permaculture base on Telegraph Lane 

We promote economic democracy alongside a social-ecological understanding and spiritual unity with the Earth.