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Bespoke Packages for Well-being 

Transformation and Team Building

Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together 

Transformational & Inspirational Events, Wellbeing, permaculture, nature, ​performances, Workshops, Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreat


Consultancy, Mediation and Conflict Resolution 

  • Mediation Process-Suitable for supporting staff or managers in terms of morale, creativity, and broader issues and thereby help increase communication, productivity and happiness in the work place. Our exercises and workshops are based in many years of collective experience in a wide range of areas.
  • Using strategies from Psychology and Buddhism
  • Well -being strategies in work

LGBT Awareness in Work, Education and Community

Training, talks and networking. Workshops exploring unique problems, legislation and contributions of the LGBT community.  We have been involved in a variety of events that promote awareness and integration of LGBT issues. Training, talks and networking.

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