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Belly Dancing

Courses Performances Private lessons. Please visit Belly Dance Classes; Classes for Health, confidence and performance.

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Community Environmental Volunteer Four  Week Course

Free to those on benefits or £25. Starts 30th January 2019

Venue; New Brighton Community Centre

Earth Moves in partnership with Wirral Life Long Learning  and Earth Moves in partnership with Wirral Life Long Learning.

Earth Moves will supply a certificate for those completing all four sessions.

We will provide content that seeks to understand the fundamentals of community environmentalism. During the course, we will identify what is required for successful volunteering and how this can improve life skills and help in gaining employment. This is a great course to learn concepts and practical skills and gain experience.

The course will teach basic skills in attending to the needs of growing food plants from germination to cropping. We will identify a variety of wild plants in the local area. We will discuss how best to work in a team on gardening and environmental projects. On this course, we will explore the fundamentals of community environmentalism and how to volunteer in that sector.

Topics covered:

1) Concepts of environmentalism.

2) Local flora and fauna.

3) Volunteering for an organization with environmental aims.

4) What is environmentalism?

We will discuss:

Why should we care about the environment?

Does what I consume matter?

How does the environment affect people’s physical and psychological well-being?

How as individuals do we impact local and global environments?

The lessons will involve participatory discussion, some written work and practical components which will involve walks and time spent in EM community greenhouse.

The course is suitable for all. Basic literacy is the only prerequisite .The course will be taught by a number of experts.

Call 0151 638 3768 or email [email protected] to book

Drag King Workshop

Date; Sunday 3rd February

Venue The Lisbon pub Liverpool. 3.30pm-6.00pm Show 6.00pm-9.00pm 

This workshop teaches women how to access their divine male persona and aims to bring confidence and enhanced awareness . This workshop will explore inner maleness through costume, body language, psychology and performance.

At the workshop we will cover; Make up, in particular contouring and how to create a beard/moustache , packing, body language, costume, creating your our divine drag persona. We will also look at Jungian Psychological concepts of the inner male and female (anima/animus). We will learn a simple fun and accessible dance routine that focuses on masculine expressions of sexuality.

To consolidate what we have learnt we will go out to the Lisbon to watch a drag show. Those who want to, will be invited to participate. Workshop leaders; Club Orientations drag kings, Ringo Taurez, Sebastian Amor and Richard Missing. Richard has performed professionally in many prestigious London and Liverpool venues . (uncle) Ringo has done many shows and was in drag King band,’ Drag Life’. He is the mentor for all the drag King artists in Club Orientation . Sebastian is a ‘Queer musician’ This workshop is for any one over eighteen. Gay, straight, none binary, welcome


Meditation Course Free for those on benefits or £25. Starts 21st February 6.30 pm-8.30pm

This four week course based in New Brighton. will introduce you to basic meditation techniques that can be used in times of stress – as well as in your daily routine.

The aim is to give you a basic overview as well as practicing approaches that will help you cope better, in times of stress – such as interviews, presentations, speaking in a group etc.

Scientific evidence now shows how meditation can help with improving focus, confidence and relaxation, as well as many other wellbeing benefits.

This is a practical workshop that helps you gain a rounded understanding of what meditation is and introduces some of the various approaches and techniques most commonly used. The aim is to give you choice and options that best suit you.

Free to those on benefits or £5. Just get in touch to book

Venue; Lakshimi House New Brighton

[email protected] or call 07944564302

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