Jane Mullen



Jane has a business background in health and wellbeing as well as alternative energy. She has worked internationally as a chef, cooking a variety of cuisine, specialising in clean eating and vegan food. Jane’s commitment to health and nutrition has been apparent most of her adult life.  She helped set up the first organic vegetable shop in the Channel Islands.

Jane loves being in nature and loves the wilderness. Jane spent seven years living off grid in Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon.

She helped create her own green energy systems for her home in the mountains. While living in San Francisco Jane was involved in several LGBTQ committees and was active in the community.

Jane has a lifetime love of arts and culture. She has been practising Tribal Dance for fifteen years.

Jane studied Neuroscience at Liverpool University and has taken various courses in alternative technology, health and wellbeing and food preparation.

Jane loves to be with people and enjoys bringing health and well-being in people’s lives. She prides herself on her friendly inclusive personality, her ability for hard work and her commitment to ethical business practice.