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Why we Need Funds and Rewards.

Generously donated by

 Manor GardePlease visit  for all your gardening needs

How you can be involved

Donate Cash use this link

Volunteer -Contact to see what we can do for each other

Donate objects, plants, office equipment, fabric

Use our services- Find out more here


Why we need Funds

What We Need Funds For:

We are offering a range of gifts and services in exchange for your contribution.

What we need the money for;



We have all been working hard, but people hours are not enough we need money to restore the greenhouse and make it into a unique and healing space where growing and art are combined.

The Greenhouse is in fairly good condition, however, we are asking for support for the following;

Repairs and security

Repair electricity system

Fix broken panes

Planting Buying plants and seeds as well as compost, soil enrichers, and plant containers.

Decorating and Refurbishment

As the space is a creative, ecological and spiritual one, we plan to adopt many artistic ideas from Churches, Temples and ancient Goddess Sacred Groves and monuments.

Solar panels – These will be used for heating and to provide extra light for exotic plants and to prolong the growing season and to heat the space during events and meetings.

Compost toilets -The most ecological way to go the toilet!

Admin-To cover expenses and  organizing,


Volunteers can earn a 'Belisama' for every three hours of working with us. Gardening and the other activities we offer have their own reward,s but time can be exchanged for the food we grow and be used to pay towards workshops, courses, and classes we offer.

Crowd Funding Rewards

We are offering the following in exchange for your generous investment in the Belisama Temple Green House.

Cups-Earth Moves cups

Goddess meditation Cd

Dance classes

Blessed seeds, Courgettes, sunflowers or Poppy seeds.

Limited edition hand made prints

A Stained glass window (made of acetate) of you, your loved one/pet to put up in the Green House in your honour.

Organic food, grown by us. (local people only)

Guest of Honour at our opening-VIP treatment!