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Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together

Transformational Adventures 

& Inspirational Events, 

Well-being, Permaculture, Nature, 

​Performances, Art Workshops, 

Dance Classes, Tours, Trips and Retreats

To Volunteer/Donate Get in Touch  29th April next day of community gardening at the GreenHouse.

Co-operation and Collaboration

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Ethos and Ideology 

At Earth Moves we believe that the creative process can reveal , heal and build bridges . We recognise that immersion in nature can create well-being and connectivity.

 Earth Moves are a cooperative, we adhere to cooperative aims and values of collectivism , mutual support and accountability. We practice a psycho-spiritual approach to our work . As artists /performers we also frequently demonstrate spiritual and environmental themes.

We are living in transformative times. Many agree we need to make changes in our work, education, communities, global networks and political systems, if we don’t we could be facing serious challenges on a variety of levels. 

Earth Moves Cooperative seeks to respond to such a scenario by positing and enacting rescue remedies, antidotes and transformational opportunities around changes that empower and move us from survival to abundance consciousness.

 Our education and well-being message seeks to heal the Earth and the people together through the notion that prevention is better than cure.

We look at ways of interacting where we can be more nurturing and inclusive and encourage sensitive and practical citizenship that looks out for people and planet. We believe in compassionate, collective and progressive leadership models that assist communities develop mutual methods of working efficiently and fairly together for the greater good, and prosperity for all.

At Earth Moves we are always mindful of how the environment effects us . Problems of the economy, threats to food supply, pollution of air and water and the massive extinctions of many species mean that we need to quickly change the way we are working, interacting and doing business.

The social and physical environment is created by us, but also shapes us.

Who are Earth Moves?

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