Planting Creative Seeds and Growing Together...

Watch Video Earth Moves is a grassroots community initiative providing educational, creative and horticultural experiences.

Earth Moves is based in an industrial size greenhouse in Wirral, running regular workshops and volunteer days that include community gardening, cultural and wellbeing events, art workshops and performances.

Company Number 10651808 UK Register of Learning Providers: 10067873

Well-being Performances, Art Workshops, Community Gardening, 

Co-operation and Collaboration, Retreats, Transformational Events 

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Earth Voices

Through our community magazine we wanted to communicate some of the ideas from what we have been doing here at Earth Moves, to a wider audience. Hoping to inspire and educate others who are trying to make positive changes to their lives and communities. That’s why we  publish ‘Earth Voices’ a quarterly magazine made cooperatively with contributions from a diverse range of people. Each issue will have a focus on a particular area, bringing together people’s thoughts, ideas, recommendations and having some fun along the way! 

Please get in touch if you would like to advertise, contribute or donate.