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Drumming and Dancing 

This workshop takes place on the full moon, a time of Creativity and Transformation! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:30 PM – 4 PM

Venue;  LIC Bluecoat

This moon is in Aries, inspiring this workshop to be dedicated to promoting confidence and releasing the inner warrior.

Men women and children over ten welcome. FREE to those in the Earth Moves community and those who are receiving benefits.

The fee for others is £15-£20 depending on income

All donations welcome

Drummer Kosmic Krista and dancer Queen Ishtar collaborate in a drumming and dancing workshop using mainly moves and beats from the Middle East with ideas for improvisation.

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Samhain Get Together

Community Food Preparation

Story telling around the fire, drumming,dressing up, performances, remembering our Ancestors.

For Earth Moves Community

Thursday 31st October 7.30pm-12.00 am

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Drumming and Chanting

Women’s Healing Circle

Drumming and chanting for health and connecting.

Women’s Healing Circle- drumming with Krista meditation, singing, chanting. psychological techniques for dealing with stress.

Sunday 3rd November

Venue; Earth Moves


Led by Paula Krista and Elsa.

Donations welcome

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Are we Living in a Matrix?

Film night discussion with film studies experts and a screening of Martrix 2 This will be followed by discussion and socializing. Includes vegan ice cream.  Bring your own drinks.

Meet like minds, discuss the meaning of life,the universe and everything with fellow philosophers, Matrix fans, and sci-fi geeks.

December 2nd 

Time 7.00pm-10pm

Venue: Earth Move


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Drawing down the goddess 

Saturday February  8th 2020


Drawing down the goddess workshop that takes place in the beautiful Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight.

The workshop shares information about various goddesses that are exhibited at these institutions. 

Connecting with the goddess is done primarily through drawing, as this process creates a deep connection. We will also include meditations.

This is a workshop for complete beginners who know nothing about drawing or goddesses, as well as established artists and experts in the field of goddess theology and everyone in between who is called to connect with these antiquities of the Divine Feminine

Workshop leaders Toc, Ishtar and Pete

Price £25

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Revealing the Shadow Through Movement and Abstract Art

Sunday 26th January 2020

time 1.00pm-4.00pm

Revealing the Unconscious  through Movement and Abstract Art,.

 Come along to our mind-blowing, expressive release of emotions through art , and trance dancing.

In a state of altered consciousness create abstract art suitable for those with no artistic experience and artists.

A wonderful opportunity to let go and release all stress in your everyday life. You will be in touch with your emotions and have the opportunity to express them through the medium of abstract art.

Ishtar and Julia 29th January 2020

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Healing Sound, Trance and Movement

Date; Sunday March 15th 2019

 Date; Sunday March 15th March  2020 Time; 2.00-4.30pm  Venue; Bluecoat School Lane Free

Somatic movement, consciousness change and sound to heal and cleanse the energy field. Trance dance techniques from the Middle East and healing sound  frequencies combine to reset your mind, cleanse your energy system, with ancient rituals and practices mixed with a modern psychological process. 

We will have Mugwort  and Cocoa ceremonies.

Therapeutically, the session is especially recommended for releasing  stress, trauma, grief, depression and associated physical ailments through movement, deep physical relaxation, emotional rebalancing and  spiritual discovery.

Ishtar dancer and teacher with Beverly sound artist.

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The Earth is Alive! 

Film and Script Writing to promote Environmentalism. Free

Sunday March 1st  2020

 Venue; Earth Moves 11am- 4.00pm

Peter Rix, Veejay Kumar  and Adrian run a workshop that details  films about the environment. We will look at film studies   script writing  and ways  to film and edit on your phone.

This is a workshop that is for all  levels and ages.  Free to those on benefits or  low pay and the Earth Moves Community.

Other wise suggested donations £10-£20

Certificate of completion from Earth Moves.

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Eating, Cheap and Clean Free 

This workshop is designed to show people how they can easily incorporate more plant-based freshly prepared food, cheaply and easily into the diet. We will incorporate produce from Greenhouse and those bought from local budget supermarkets.

We will eat together with the delicious food we have collectively prepared.

Venue  New Brighton Community Centre

 FREE With Jane assisted by Paula

Date: 21st March

African Dance and Textiles  

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Venue; Earth Moves

Date; Sunday April 5th 2020 

Time; 1.00pm-4.00pm 

A workshop dedicated to Africa! We will learn from textile Artist Susy Golliger the fascinating history of African fabrics and then we will have an Introduction to African dance workshop by Movema

Venue; Earth Moves

Date; April 5th 2020 Time; 1.00pm-4.00pm 

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Archeomythology of Wallasey

Archaeology, Myth and History  of the Wallasey Area. 

 Friday May 1st 6.30-9.30pm

We celebrate Mayday by exploring the  history of ordinary people and the land and the relationship between them. 

This unique area was famous for its market gardens and has a food producing heritage that connects back to the Mesolithic and Neolithic peoples who initially shaped this landscape. Hosted by Pete this workshop investigates a cultural and experiential approach that explores the beliefs, rituals, social structure and symbolism of the past and their potential deeper influence on the present and future of Wallasey.

 Free Vegan Picnic!

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Techniques of Persuasion

Communities Being Heard, Being Seen 

Saturday 18th April 2020

Free! With Tara and Mark Hudson.

Venue-New Brighton Community Centre Sunday 18th April Time; 12pm-3.30pm 

Policy adviser for the House Of Lords  and Earth Moves director Mark Hudson  shares  his wisdom. Tara  is a specialists in diversity and working with community groups and is currently organising Sadiq Khans Culture year.  Learn how to  lobby for change, create awareness on issues  and get more people involved in the community work that you do.

The workshop will come in two parts, the first focusing on how you to lobby the local council including Council Officers, Councillors and local MP's.

The second part will look at ways to  communicate including  social media  and  organising community events.

FREE to anyone involved in community groups, EM Community, low or unwaged. £20 for others.

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Mans Group

Men's Mental health, discussion on 

 toxic masculinity, walking,  sharing, foraging, meditating  and working on a project together. 

Suitable for anyone defining themselves as male and all types of sexualities.

Free but donations are  welcome

Workshop leaders Toc and Pete

Includes tea coffee and vegan snacks!

Saturday 25/4/2020

Time-11.30am -3.00 pm

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Women's Mental Wellness Circle Crystal Therapy. Make a  Transformational Goddess Statue

Suitable for anyone defining as female and for all sexualities including  those identifying as none binary.   Workshop by Paula  and Vanessa  and Krista.

Crystals and healing

make your own  goddess statue, connect with the  Earth Goddess.

Includes tea coffee and vegan snacks!

Free to All EM community , low and unwaged or £15/£20  from  others .

Sunday 26th April 2020


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Permaculture with Tomas

Permaculture (coined by David Holmgren) is a system of agricultural and social design, with principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

Tomas has 20 years experience in permaculture design, teaching and practice, having worked in the UK and various European countries. Over the years, he has been active in many different fields, with an emphasis on the restoration of land, buildings and communities.

Includes tea coffee and  vegan snacks!

Date: Sunday 3rd May 2020

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Exploring The Mystery of Time Slips with Ann

Ann is based in the Wirral and is currently featured in an American paranormal show with star of American horror, Heroes and Star Trek Zachary Quinto. She is current completing a PhD in Parapsychology.

Ann will try to answer all your time slip -related questions!

Date: Thursday 21st May 2020 

7.30pm at earth Moves

Cost £5 in advance £7 on the door.

Includes drinks and snacks

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Vegan Curry Night , Bollywood Performance and Short Workshop



Date TBA

Price £25 

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Climate Change discussion, net working 

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Better than Pills

Exploring tasters of activities that promote good mental health.  Includes mentoring, self help and mutual aid,

Elsa and Paula


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Herbal Helpers; An introduction on How to Grow and Process Healing Plants

Sunday 31st May

We will look at  a selection of herbs that grow in Uk. We will examine the healing properties and folk law of each herb. We will learn how to grow and  dry  herbs.

We will learn how to make a tincture, herbal tea bag   and smudge stick. We will use organic herbs grown in our community  Green house 

Free to E M Community £10 others (you will go home with  the above herbal products.)

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Transformational Dance 

An event of healing dance improvisation and transformation to world music. Includes Mugwort and Damian tea


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Solstice Event

An uplifting show of dance, drag and Transformation.  Dedicated to celebrating the Sun.

Sunday June 21st 7.30pm-11-pm. 

Venue Watch this space

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Walk and Plant Identification

Saturday 23rd May 

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A Discussion on the Meaning Consciousness 

Attempting to define consciousness is difficult. We will look at ideas from psychology , spirituality and science. 

We will look at plant consciousness.

Free for EM community £5 others.

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Story Telling Workshop

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Middle Eastern Night

A night of food, music and dance from the Middle East . Food is vegan and vegeterian

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