The Belisama Community Greenhouse

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The Belisama Green-House- Community growing, learning, and creativity 

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Community Growing and Secular Temple 

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A materialisation of a dream.

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A living,  growing venue that offers well-being, creativity, education and a community. 

We aim to provide a natural environment, all year round for events and meetings.

A better future is possible, this project aims to enrich the community and possibly other communities for years to come. We are providing a sustainable growing community and a spiritual, secular and creative venue. 

Our activities promote cultural diversity, international growing techniques, intergenerational activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Growing food together is a powerful way to feel connected to each other, our ancestors and nature.

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Community Growing Space and Venue

In October 2016 we were given the use of a large commercial Greenhouse that was derelict since 2004. We have reanimated the space and ran events from there. 

Sunshine and plants improve wellbeing and there is much scientific research to demonstrate this. many of our volunteers have commented on the well-being effects in the greenhouse.

We have already created a community of like minds. This group are volunteers for the space and freelancers.  We are looking for more people to join us. We have worked with other organizations including Wirral Evolutions, who are an organisation which provides activities for people with learning difficulties.

We have already generated a living, growing venue and sacred space that offers healing, education and a way to serve a  community that grows food,  but also offers personal growth through creativity and meditation. To be truly accessible to others we need funding to renovate the space and make it comfortable for a wide range of people.

We are creating a  green all-weather environment throughout the year for events and meetings.

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team greenhouse permaculture community meeting volunteer donate