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About Club Orientation


Club Orientation has been running for over ten years. It is a loose collective of all types of artists of all ages and genres. Many defining themselves as 'queer'. We believe in freedom of expression, audience participation and a refusal to let establishment ideas of normality guide our show. Club Orientation is a platform for novice performers to work with professionals and develop new skills in performance by learning from them. Many of these performers now have successful careers in entertainment. 

Professional performers are encouraged to collaborate with each other to share skills and produce something new and be experimental. Performers have a chance to get involved with related skills of stage management, promotion, video editing, and photography. The club offers quality live photographs and videos for emerging artists, which are essential for promoting themselves.

Our mission is to extend cultural boundaries. Our workshops, performances, and classes focus on the human urge to enjoy life, which is expressed in music, dance and all creativity. Ultimately we are all our diverse aspects of the one.

We all have a right to express our individual natures, cultures, and opinions in our own way.

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