Projects and Activities 



See our events including Lottery-funded and Wirral Life Long Learning events.

Many activities take place in our community growing spaces. We also use other venues such at The Bluecoat Liverpool 1.

Volunteers work on a variety of projects.

We encourage inter-generational activities for wellbeing, increased resilience, growing rood organically, well-being, biodiversity, recycling, personal growth through creativity.  performance, queer cabaret. 

We help create safe spaces for people to be themselves, learn and enhance connections with the self, community and the environment.

Our work has increased a range of cultural, artistic and well-being activities in the area. Our activities highlight cultural diversity and the value of creative work and growing food plants.

We encourage;

inter-generational activities. We work together to increase awareness of the value of growing food, metal and physical well-being, creativity, transformation through performance biodiversity, and recycling.

Growing food, dancing, drumming and creating together is a powerful way to feel connected to each other, our ancestors and nature. With these activities, we can grow a community that experiences transformation on a personal and collective level.


Wirral Life-Long Learning-We produce courses on Environmental Volunteering Meditation, Children's' Mental Health and community Gardening

Gardening  and composting

Drum for health

Dance and movement for health and creative expression

Girls Guerilla Gardening 

Club Orientation-Transformation through performance

Women's Mental Wellness group

Men's Group

Sacred tours

Earth Voices

Mindful Gardening-gardening and meditation

Connecting with nature through art


LGBQT+ Gardening group

Permaculture Workshops

Mindful Creative Movement 

The need for people to learn to grow food

With many people requiring food banks in the UK and with seven billion mouths to feed globally. industrial human agriculture creates a drain on the resources of planet Earth. Projects like ours can help people reconnect with the Earth, and gain a greater appreciation for where our food comes from and gives them the opportunity to cultivate plants for food, recreation, and well-being.

Sharing Growing skills, building cultural bridges-Refugees and those from other cultures share information on growing and harness their growing knowledge for community benefit.

Using the power of arts and nature for self-discovery and confidence and recovery from addictions.

We are experimenting with old folk traditions and modern intention experiments.

We hope to eventually serve as an exemplar and trainers for other similar projects. We hope that the ideology and structure of our project will inspire others.