The Green Temple of Belisama 

Projects and Activities 



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Many activities take place at the Belisama Community  Green House. We also use other venues such at The Bluecoat Liverpool 1 . Volunteers visit the Greenhouse on a regular basis.

We encourage inter-generational activities and increase awareness of growing, well-being, biodiversity, and recycling and personal growth through creativity. 

Our work at the greenhouse has increased a range of cultural, artistic and well-being activities in the area. The proposed activities will highlight cultural diversity and the value of creative work and growing food plants.

We  encourage;

inter-generational activities and increase awareness of growing, well-being, biodiversity, and recycling.

Growing food together is a powerful way to feel connected to each other, our ancestors and nature. When we grow food together we can grow a community that experiences growth and transformation on a personal and collective level.


Groups we  are working with 

Wirral Evolutions.-service users with learning difficulties learn about gardening and experience wellbeing. 

Mindfull Millenialls-Young Meditators

Drum for health-Drum sessions with Granby Drum teacher


Dance and movement for health and creative expression.

Mindful Gardening-gardening and meditation

Connecting with nature through art.

Mindful Creative Movement -dance gardening and meditation for all abilities.

In Britain, it is difficult to spend time outside all year round the Green House is a way to get the health benefits of the outdoors without the cold and rain. The O2 rich atmosphere enhances health and concentration. 

The increasing pressure on green space in urban areas and the beneficial effects on health and well-being they provide is well documented. In our space, you can have benefits of the outdoors, all year round.

The purposes of the Greenhouse are multi-functional. Our Space is described by us as the 'Belisama Temple'.

 Belisama is the Romano-Celtic goddess of the Mersey Estuary. so honours the land of the diverse range of people who live here.  The etymology of her name translates to the "brightest one’’ This fits our mission to illuminate and to bring out the light side of those we work with.

We will provide educational classes for permaculture and biodynamics, green and ecological issues, spiritual development, creativity and well-being. We will have as our objectives Healing and Spirituality of the individual, the community, and the Land.

The need for people to learn to grow food

With many people requiring food banks in the UK and with seven billion mouths to feed globally. industrial human agriculture creates a drain on the resources of planet Earth. Projects like ours can help people reconnect with the Earth, and gain a greater appreciation for where our food comes from and gives them the opportunity to cultivate plants for food, recreation and well-being.

To make this project as sustainable as possible the purposes of the Greenhouse are multi-functional;

Sharing Growing skills -Refugees and those from other cultures can participate and share information on growing and harness their growing knowledge for community benefit.

Homeless growing/art projects/Women’s Aid/recovery

Using the power of arts and nature for self-discovery and confidence/

We will have regular meetings working to the principle of the wheel of the year and using the moon calendar to plant etc. 

We are experimenting with old folk traditions and intention experiments.

We hope to eventually serve as an exemplar and trainers for other similar projects. We hope that the ideology and structure of our project will inspire others and we can provide training to set up similar projects.