Who are we and what do we do?

Planting creative seeds and growing together..


Earth Moves are; Paula Ishtar, Peter Rix,  and Tony (Toc) O'Connell. Mark Hudson Jane Mullen

Earth Moves Cooperative Limited, Registered in England and Wales - Company Number 10651808    UK Register of Learning Providers: 10067873

Earth Moves offers educational and transformational experiences and events. We are a grassroots community cooperative, adhering to cooperative ethics and principles. We advocate holistic, self-empowered and creative ways of learning, health and wellbeing, community engagement, ecology and nature therapy, and creative expression. We provide workshops, retreats, courses, and seminars.

We adhere to co-operative values  Read our environmental policy here (as described here). You can read our mission here and our aims are here and  Our Equality and diversity.   Read Earth Moves Articles click here. View the gallery of past events and blog.

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Earth Moves is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion and provide experiences that create cultural bridges.

Earth Moves is a diverse community of friends and collaborators. We offer an interdisciplinary approach to well being and creating community. We believe in mutual aid, peer learning and working collectively. We are a  not for profit, that adheres to cooperative and ethical values. We provide workshops, retreats, courses, and seminars. We believe that immersion in art, creativity, meditation and the natural world are ways to enhance performance, productivity, mood and health.

Our research and experience show that safe and healing spaces are essential for mental and physical health. We provide spaces where people can express themselves and connect. 

Earth Moves give influence to holistic and self-empowered ways of engagement, healing, conflict resolution and enhanced understanding. We offer executive development activities as well as community education and well-being events.

The practice of the arts, meditation and immersion in the natural world, unlocks creativity, creates feelings of relaxation and enhances understanding of the self and others. No artistic skills experience of gardening, meditation or dance is needed in order for these options to be effective and enjoyable.

Earth Movies  Focussing on environmental films, discussion and making films connecting through filmmaking

Earth Voices Our magazine

The highly qualified and experienced team at Earth Moves use a cornucopia of techniques to create the expression, meditation, relaxation and personal transformation. We can generate a diverse range of artistic activities for community and business, These range from uplifting and fun events, to transformative and psychological workshops.

In our modern world people, products, services and information are expanding exponentially. Climate change is a frightening reality. 

Ecology and environmentalism are taught and promoted by Earth Moves. Innovation, imagination, cooperative practice, and creativity, are crucial to improved working conditions and creating communities were physical, psychological and environmental wellness can be supported as well the promotion of healthy ecosystems.

We arrange Sacred Tours – a contemporary pilgrimage for business and community.

Nature Immersion /Plant Therapy. Local nature immersion in Merseyside

We have transformed an industrial-sized  Green House for relaxed meetings, mini-retreats, therapies and team-building in a green, environment all year round, whatever the weather. We are also working on other community spaces.

We run meditation groups and sessions. These can take many forms but most are very simple, transferable techniques that are not mystical or dependent on a particular belief or religious view. Rather, they are functional tools to transform the mind and can be of benefit to almost anyone. 

Dance-Earth Moves combines conscious dance with ceremonial elements in a safe, dynamic space to heighten awareness of the body, sensations and emotions while connecting with the group consciousness.

Media Design-Sensitive, ethical and powerful design. Our experience of art, psychology and corporate business can create effective media campaigns, design of logos, artwork and promotional video.

Consultancy-Ethical business, green interventions, community development and cooperative workshops.

Holistic and well-being projects – that involve nature, dance, drumming, music and the visual arts as well as self-discovery and recovery from trauma and addiction. We offer opportunities to attain collective health, happiness and creative expression.

Retreats – Delivering transformative experiences for well-being, creativity and embodied expression.

We also offer training, talks and networking.

You can see images and video of our events here

We understand that arts, well-being activities, nature immersion and horticulture can be life-enhancing for the individual, the community and the planet.

Together we pool our collective resources, practices, personality types, talents, and qualifications, to create transformative interventions and experiences, suitable for a diverse range of individuals and groups.

                                                                                Earth Moves Core Team Biographies 


                                                            Paula Ishtar

Peter Rix                                    Tony  O'Connell

                                                                                   Mark Hudson