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Char (Charlotte) Binns

Char (Charlotte) Binns is a life-long campaigner with over a decade's experience working in the third sector in London, Liverpool, Hampshire and Uganda. A "multipotentialite" (aka. jack of all trades!) Char has worked in everything from volunteer management to digital communications. She has dedicated much of her career and personal life to building intercultural and interfaith understanding as a facilitator and youth leader. She has published a book chapter on dialogue and holds an MA in the Study of Religions from SOAS, University of London. Char is a Director of Liverpool Queer Collective. She is a Quaker, a runner and an unskilled but passionate gardener! Connect with Char on Twitter @CharBinns.

Susan Goligher

Susan has a background in art history, community engagement, youth and community; she is also a Reiki Master.

Educated at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Susan has a B.A. Hons. in History of Art & Design from Leicester Polytechnic and a B.A. Hons. in Childhood and Youth Studies from Liverpool John Moores University. Susan is currently studying for her Masters in Childhood and Youth Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Having worked as a diversity professional; locally as a transformational family and community worker; nationally and internationally as an African textile historian/curator, Susan recognises the importance of using non-traditional spaces break down social barriers, to raise self-esteem and to support positive wellbeing through creative explorations.

Susan uses African textiles from Afrograph’s Private Collection to identify common themes, which enable personal stories to be revealed and communicated through art, enabling connections and linkages to be made which strengthen and empower individuals and their communities.

[email protected]

Geeta Makol

Owner at Essential Spa & Salon , Geeta is highly creative and motivated. She has a lifetime interest in healing and spirituality. She has been trained throughout the years in the UK and India, giving her a truly unique and open-minded approach those she works with. Geeta studied at Carlett Park, Ayurveda Centre, Shanaz Hussain, India.

Shaun McKenna (Lady Sian)

Shaun is a  drag artist. actor, singer, dancer and storyteller with a rich performance background. Shaun has performed on numerous big stages, nationally internationally. She has also had numerous roles on various TV shows. 

Shaun is a campaigner for LGBTQ+  rights and a much loved local celebrity, so much so she is currently featured in the museum of Liverpool life.

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