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Women's Mental Wellness Day- With free treatments from Lush! 

Wednesday 14th March 

Free event for women who want to relax and spend time together providing mutual support for mental heal issues, stress and overwhelm.  Gardening, meditation and FREE treatments and products generously donated by Lush!!

FREE EVENT Please contact to confirm your booking

These events will take place in the Belissama community greenhouse at Manor Garden Center. The greenhouse is an industrial size, which results in the feeling of being outdoors, whilst being encased in an oxygen-rich atmosphere and enveloped by the pure energy field of a variety of healing plants.  A great environment for well- being, peace, harmony and connection to nature.

Workshops must be booked in advance. You can contact us for more information. 

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Women’s Healing Circle: 


Time 12pm-4.00pm

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Hosted by Sue, Ishtar and Krista

A transformational event, including drumming, dancing, sharing, meditation, self-revelation and reflection, gratitude rituals. 

The workshop is in resonance with festival of  'Mabon' which  is about reflection and gratitude.  It looks at how  we “reap what we  sow,” both  in reality and metaphorically . Mabon is the time when night and day stand equal in duration; thus is it a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honour the  balance of life. 

In this workshop you will learn  what your mind-body type is. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. It is a personalised approach to health, and knowing your mind-body type (dosha) allows you to make optimal choices about diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to have your Dosha analysed.

Discover your inner divine being. From a series of questions and creative activities you can find out which divine archetypes you are aligned to and how can this help improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Drumming-Earth Moves Resident drummer international musician and teacher Kosmic Krista will lead a drum session for health, well-being and relaxation.

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Includes healthy snacks and tea and coffee.

Contribution-Donation suggested concessions £10 working £15.


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Connecting To Plants Through Drawing and Painting, with Susan Green 

Time 12pm-4.00pm

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Adopt a plant that calls to you from the Garden Centre and spend time getting in touch with it through the creative process. Suitable for all levels of skill including complete beginners.

Sue will demonstrate different approaches and techniques.

Sue will supply basic art materials but feel free to bring along your own choice of paints, pencils and paper.

Healthy snacks, tea, and coffee included.

See Sue's Biography and gallery here

Investment £15 This includes a voucher for you to adopt a plant !


Trance and Sound Healing with Ishtar and Maria Gornell

Time: 12pm -4.00pm

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A mix of trance, movement, visualization, ritual and sound healing for well-being and psychic detoxification. Trance methods from a variety of cultures, the Middle East, South America, India and the Celtic world will be demonstrated.

Please bring blanket and yoga mat if you have one. Dress in layers that can be added and removed.

Healthy snacks tea /coffee, included.

About Maria

Maria is a qualified sound healing artist with a diverse background in psychology, poetry, counselling, metaphysics and goddess ideology. Maria has run many sound healing events across the UK. She has a wide variety of instruments which she uses during the workshop. She uses her experience and intuition to facilitate healing and transformation in workshop participants. 

About Ishtar

Investment -£25


Printing and meditation with Tony O ‘Connell (Toc)

Time: 12pm -4.00pm

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 A workshop that enhances well-being and creative expression that is suitable for all levels.

A chance to learn print making techniques and create a piece artwork to take home. Be inspired and relaxed with a meditation  that flows into and out from the art practice.

Our daily action as "Our daily actions leave impressions on us, how we feel and the layers of habits we build up. These impressions can be like prints on a surface. On a practical level. this seems to open the door to considering the artistic practice of basic printmaking, but also to enjoy our lives we can aim to be in control of our moods.

 Meditation is an excellent tool for this.

Over the next month we will offering a series of flexible interrelated workshops which the practitioner can treat as individual or a whole course. We will be using these sessions to explore different introductory printmaking processes and meditation techniques in each.

No previous experience required- just an open mind and blank paper. 

Session cost £10. plus £5 materials costs group size max  10 participants.


See Toc's Biography and gallery