‚ÄčWho are we and what do we do?

Planting creative seeds and growing together..


Earth Moves are; Paula (Ishtar) Staunton, Peter Rix, Susan Green, and Tony (Toc) O'Connell. 

Earth Moves Cooperative Limited, Registered in England and Wales - Company Number 10651808

Earth Moves offers educational and transformational experiences and events. We are a  cooperative who adhere to cooperative ethics and principles. We advocate holistic, self-empowered and creative ways of engagement, healing,  conflict resolution and enhanced understanding. 

We believe that arts, well-being activities, nature immersion and horticulture are life-enhancing for the individual, the community, and the planet.

Earth Moves are a team of friends.  Who worked together in performance group; Club Orientation, Together we pool our collective resources, practices, personality types, talents, and qualifications, to create transformative interventions and experiences, suitable for a diverse range of individuals and groups.

We adhere to co-operative values  (as described here). You can read our mission here and our aims are here. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion our policy is here. To read Earth Moves Articles click here. View gallery of past events and blogView our activities and projects  

                                                                                Earth Moves Core Team Biographies 


                                                            Paula Ishtar

Peter Rix                                    Tony  O'Connell